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Scrap car Guide

Since 2008 car manufacturers have reported a large increase in sales especiaially inccluding the five larest markets in Europe that suffered heavily in the credit cruch.  The growth is a further enhancement that the Erropean market is striving from stregth to strentgh year in year out which is a far cry from the 11.8 million sales figure which was reported at the lowest in 1985.

Getting a new vehicle, direct from the showroom is up as one of the satisfaction guarantee's that each and everyone of us takes as read.

But what do these figures have to do with the cost of a buying a scrap vehicle ?

As more and more new vehicles come in to the market place then the average  age of maintanined vehicles becomes newer also and therefore the cost of the vehicle to be dismantled and sold for parts is now becoming a greater desire from the scrap industry , the price of factory fit catalytic converters is rising as well as the price for scrappig your vehicle and recycling it back tot eh market place , which is demanding more and more material on a day to day basis. 

Scrapping your car will bring you the vehicle value and the easiest way of selling it .