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Scrap My car, we will buy any car

When you are scrapping your car, please make sure that you follow the following rules.

1. When you scrap your car you use an authorisred ATF to do this , we are an authorised ATF and we can scrap your car Legally

2. Most people will ge the best price for thier vehicle on an online quote, most online quotes do not provide you with the honest price of your vehicle, the price that we give you is the price we will stick to.  A lot of Scrap car websites will give you a price then charge admin fee's, management fee;'s clllection fees and sometimes will barter you down on arrival.  When we call you to give you a price then that price is the price you will receive in your bank

3. Scrap my car for cash, never accept cash for your scrap or damaged car, this is illegal.  The laws changed last year to stop the trade of scrapping cars with hard cash.  We will offer you the best price for your vehicle today and put the money directly into your account.

4. Scrap your car in the correct way, some scrap car dealers will not be an authorised ATF and therefore your car will not be depolutted safely , it may even be put back on the road without your consent and without the correct DVLA documentation being processed, would you like your car to be in an accident after you scrapped it and the blame came back on you ?

5. Dont be scared - Scrap car dealers have got bad press in years gone by and even some known for ripping people off.  This does not happen at ACME we offer a UK collection from anywhere Free of charge and our skilled operators will explain and deal with all your documentation for you when scrapping your car

Simply we offer the best way to scrap your car in todays market so call us to get your car collected tomorrow

Any questions then please call our scrap car direct number