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no bother when i scrapped my mercedes eclass

my mercedes e class had come to its end of its usefullness and needed to be scrapped,i contacted acme auto salvage, they told me what steps were taken to make sure that my mercedes e class was disposed of in an enviromentally way,also that they are regulated by the enviromental agency and the dvla,knowing that my mercedes e class was going to recycled in accorance with the enviromental agency put my mind at ease.(mr farrow of haxby york).

simply, friendly and easy when i scrapped my ford fiesta

i just filled in a on line form on the acme auto salvage web site , with in minutes i recieved both e mail and a telephone call,they explained in a simple manner what would happen to my scrap ford fiesta,they were friendly in there manner and was easy to talk to they answered all my questions about scrapping my ford fiesta.acme came picked up my scrap ford fiesta paid me a price i was happy with and did all the dvla paper work so easy thank you,(miss black of acomb york),

old scrap citroen belingo van collected of my drive way

the scrap citroen belingo van had being on my drive way for six months and i wanted it moving i rang acme auto salvage who quickley arranged collection paid me which i didnt expect did all the paper work for me,once the collection of my citroen belingo van had bieng done, i could park my car on the drive way once more.great sevice.(mr hanson tang hall york).

my vauxhall astra failed m.o.t.

and was no longer needed so i rang acme auto salvage to come and collect my vauxhall astra m.o.t. failure,they collected my vauxhall astra m.o.t. failure the following day with instant payment they completed all the paperwork for me v.5 ,etc, sent me a certificate of destruction by e mail knowing i wasnt going to get any un expected mail from the d.v.l.a.which pleased me.(mr dobson of priory park hull).

smashed my vw polo into gate post and was not worth repairing

so rang acme auto salvage,explaing i had a crash damaged vw polo i needed picking up, which they did with in one hour paying me which i did not expect as it was crash damaged and they had to remove it from road sidethey also did relevent paperwork sending me a certificate of destruction for my crash damaged v.w. polo a marvellous company highly recommended.(mr james from rossington doncaster).

my skoda fabia had come to its end of life

and i wanted to make sure it was recycled incordance with the enviromental agency guide lines ,so i contacted acme auto salvage,who is aregistered end of life vehicle facility and is registered with the enviroment agency. they also did allthe paperwork concerning my skoda fabia, kowing everything was done legally and and that my end of skoda fabia was being recycled legally put me at ease.(peter from tickhill doncaster).

great job done says mr dent of armthorpe doncaster

great job done when i scrapped my ford focus ,so easy just rang up acme auto salvage they gave me a price for my scrap ford focus which i accepted ,payed me cash when they came did all paperwork itwas so faultless thanks acme auto salvage.

i didnt know how easy it could be to scrap a car

but after i rang acme auto salvage i soon found out how easy they made it,i wanted to scrap my audi a4, acme went through the format with me explaing from picking to doing relevant paperwork i.e. certificate of destruction which was emailed to me the next day after my scrap audi a4 was collected,a 1 service recommend to anyone with a scrap car.(simon of bentley doncaster).

my vauxhall vectra had run out off m.o.t.

and just wanted it shifted . i rang acme auto salvage they told me that they could pick my vauxhall vectra up the following day and they would do all the paperwork concerning my scrap vauxhall vectra, they did everything as was stated plus i also recieved a very nice cheque for my scrap vauxhall vectra which was abonus thanks.(mr harper woodthorpe york).

mr jarvis of doncaster said

i had a prang in my v.w. golf and wrote it off as i was only third party i could not afford to have it repaired, so i rang acme auto salvage,who offered me a great price for my accident damaged v.w. golf which i accepted,they picked up my accident damaged v.w. golf the very next day . highly recommended.